Part of my job is to help children overcome habits like thumb sucking which can change the way teeth are sitting in the mouth.
The sooner habits which affect children's teeth can be stopped, the better for their oral, mental and general health.
These changes can be difficult for families and it can be good to have some support to help stop this habit.

This is where Dr Libi comes in!

Thumb sucking habit breaking support is a full package of support which looks like this:

1. A video call with the parents without the child present, this is to outline my strategy which involves a lot of positivity and distractions
2. A video call with the parents and child to come up with a plan
3. A couple of follow up motivational messages/ personalised video messages during the first week to see how everyone is doing
4. A video call after 10-14 days to check in and see what’s working and what’s not
5. Another call a month later to review progress and cement changes


It really takes a team to overcome these challenges and I enjoy being a part of it!

Thumb Sucking Habit Breaking Support