It's really important to brush your teeth but do you know why?

Join Dr Libi in a one on one session where she will teach your child why they need to brush and how! Using a story about Sugar Bugs, Dr Libi will help your child to be motivated to brush and she will give you all the tools you need to do it properly!


You will come away with lots of tips and tricks to implement good toothbrushing and diet habits and help keep your child motivated to brush.


What does this package include?

1. A comprehensive video session with diet and oral hygiene advice tailored to suit you and your family.

2. You will receive a package with Dr Libi's Sugar bug story, disclosing tablets and special toothpaste

3. A couple of follow up motivational messages/ personalised videos sent to you to show your child messages during the first week to see how everyone is doing

4. A follow up video call 2-4 weeks after the initial call to review your progress


Dr Libi's Toothbrushing Studio!