Meet Dr Libi

Paediatric Dentist 

DClinDent in Paediatric Dentistry (Edinburgh),

DDS (AUST), PGCert.DPH (Manchester),

MFD RCS (Ireland), PGCert.MedEd (Dundee)

GDC Number 280768

Paediatric Dentist

I qualified as a dental surgeon in 2006 and recently pursued my passion in advocating oral health for children by completing my Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Edinburgh.

I am skilled in making the most anxious of children feel at ease in the dental setting by utilising many behavioural management and inhalation sedation techniques, I am also in the process of adding intravenous sedation to my toolkit.

I strive to work with families to achieve tailor made prevention and treatment plans which are evidence based. While keeping it fun for the children, by singing Disney songs and talking to them about their interests. Interacting with them in a way that makes them feel safe and secure is my number one priority. This builds trust between me and the patient and enables me to give the best possible dental treatment.

I also have a passion for teaching, whether it be to my peers and colleagues at conferences or in practice with the dental team.

My academic skills are kept up to date through; contributing in articles published in peer-reviewed journals; participating in posters presentations in national and international conferences; passing the Royal College Membership exam (MFD RCSI.) and gaining two postgraduate degrees, one in Dental Public Health from Manchester University and the second postgraduate degree in Medical Education with the University of Dundee. 

I am a passionate advocate for children's oral health and love spreading information to empower parents through social media streams like Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know when I'm not fixing children's smiles, I like to bake?

I also enjoy travelling, swimming, trampolining and other activities with my three daughter. But my favourite hobby is watching animated movies (mainly Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks) and singing their songs!

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My Vision

My vision is to empower parents to make informed decisions about their children's oral health. I want them to feel in control and able to handle all aspects of their child's dental treatment and oral health in general, while feeling totally at ease.

I want parents to be equipped with tips to help them navigate this crazy sugar filled world!